Instruction All the springs are producing in China. The Factory requires minimum 50 pairs order to start manufacture. So we need altogether collect in total 50 pairs at least in order to make them work. That means if your order is less than 50 pairs you have to wait for other people place their orders too till 50 pairs in total complited. We gonna collect an order from people all around the world, thats why i hope its not gonna take long. Either you can order 50 pairs minimum just youself and you dont have to wait anyone, your order will be processed and start being produced at once.

Got the idea ?

Ok, lets move on.

To start springs manufacturing i need make a prepayment of 30% of full order.Once Springes are made - the rest 70%. Manufacturing time takes around (12-20 days). Normally its 12 days, but in China a lot of Holidays all the year around when they dont work at all. Thats why it could be 20 days. Shipping is not included in the price. You can find shipping company in China by yourself and we will deliver your order to them or you can trust it to me since i have contacts overthere that offer a good price and internatinal delivery service. If its me , i will collect shipping fee from you. You can browse that in a shipping section at Top Menu to see an estimate price that gonna be if you choose me.
So what you need to do ? Please see below step be step .....

1.Decide how many springs pairs you need. What springs number. And provide me with that info.
2.Make prepayment 30% of your order and the rest once your springs are manufactured and ready to ship. Or you can pay full price at once
3.Decide what shipping method you choose . If you ship on your own: provide me with the address where need to be delivered to in China. If you choose me to ship: provide me with address where springs need to be shipped to in your country. Address suppose to have a look like this:

4.If you chose to ship with me . You need pay shipping fee before or once springs are made.NO LATER (if late could be charged extra fee).
5.Be happy looking forward for you springs to be delivered to you:)

All the data,info and order status you will see in the "ORDER" menu. Its gonna be easy to track and be updated. I guaranty that exact quantity of springs and numbers gonna be delivered to you as you paid. All the pictures of every order before shipping gonna be taken and posted in Gallery